Hello and welcome to my site! I originally started this website back in the mists of time to post stuff about music - and some photos of my son Sam as he was growing up. Later, I added the Urban Exploration stuff (when I became interested in that for a while in the early 2000s) and, after the sudden death of my mum in 2005, expanded it to create a photo-history of her life - which represents the bulk of what's on here now.


Most of the work on this site was done in the early-to-mid 2000s by staying on after hours at work, using my PC there - as back then I didn't have one at home, or any access to the internet! How times have changed.

It's always fun to check back in here from time to time, and lovely reading the feedback and comments I've received over the years, literally from all over the world - please keep them coming. The latest additions on here are photos/newspaper articles about my grandad Cyril Cann - provided by Hounslow & Chiswick Libraries, who kindly approached me via this site.





Back in 2008 I finished working on an album...  it was a selection of cover versions in an 'acoustic' style entitled 'Coincidently' (cover pictured right), which I put onto CD (thanks Phil, Kev and Jules for your assistance).

It was recorded on 4-track on my old Tascam cassette portastudio, and was the latest in a line of 'bedroom' albums that I'd recorded since 1983. I really hope to do some recording again one of these days - it's very enjoyable, but just so time-consuming!




On this site:


Check out the Gallery - Me Thru the Years page to see some 'choice' photos of me in my childhood and beyond...

Myself & Sam, back in 2005!


My son Sam created his very own page of Sam Stuff  back when I started this site. I've left this as a sort of mini 'time capsule' of how he was back then, at about the age of 10. It's quite nice seeing what made him tick back then - I've left it unedited and untouched!


I also created a page depicting a specially-selected photo of him taken for each year of his childhood (until the age of 18) Gallery - Sam Thru the Years.              


As I mentioned, my mother passed away suddenly in Sept 2005 and, by way of a tribute to her, I assembled a photo-biog of her life on here. It's in four parts: Mum's Photo-Biog Part 1 (covering the years 1936-64); Mum's Photo-Biog Part 2 (1964-79); Mum's Photo-Biog Part 3 (1980-99); and Mum's Photo-Biog Part 4 which covers 1990 to 2005. As I've said, this now makes up the bulk of this site's content.

I sub-divided it into Childhood Years and Rutland Court Years on the 1st page and Maidenhead Years on the 2nd, summarizing geographically the different stages of her life. One surprising side-effect of having this tribute was when I was contacted by the Scholastic Publishing Group of Canada (towards the end of 2009) requesting permission to use one of her school portrait photos on the front cover of one of their forthcoming 'Coming to Canada' children's books! I was thrilled by their interest, and happily agreed to let them use the photo for the book:


On the page In the Beginning, I've put a few photos and info about my grandparents/great-grandparents etc., and also added some stuff about my dad. Putting it together and delving into my ancestry has been a bit like that TV show 'Who Do You Think You Are'... it certainly seems to be a popular subject with many other people too.


Back in 2003 I became interested in the concept of Urban Exploration... inspired by my belated re-discovery of Maidenhead's former maternity hospital (where I was born) in a very derelict and sad state. I also discovered a fascinating website devoted to the ruined hospital called The Shrine.  As my interest in this grew, I created an entire page on this site to display my own photos from my various explorations there. It's all the more interesting now that this building has been completely demolished to make way for a housing estate! There seems to still be a fair  amount of interest in the hospital (judging by feedback I've received). Feel free to view some of my pics on CRXploration.


Finally, once you've viewed the site, please feel free to say Hello (and leave a comment if you wish) and sign my Guestbook. The more the merrier! Thanks to everyone who's left messages so far and got in touch. And if you wish to pm me:


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A big thanks to Emma W, for it was she who originally inspired me to create my own website. Thanks also to Phil H, whose expertise and computer wizardry was invaluable in those early days, and for very kindly loaning me his scanner so I could upload all the images on this site - back when owning one of these was a rare commodity! Thanks to my son Sam and my lovely wife Miranda - you're both THE BEST! And finally, thanks to my wonderful mum, whom I dedicate this site to. Still miss you so much xx




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