Well... this is where it all started, way back in the mists of time:



The aforementioned CRX - where I was born!

This is actually a postcard of the hospital my mother bought as a souvenir in the hospital shop during one of her stays. My brother and sister were both born here too. It was the main maternity hospital for the Maidenhead area from 1947 until it closed in 1985 on completion of the new, more modern maternity facility at Wexham Park - where my son Sam was later born!

(to see how this building looked in more recent years - and to find out more, check out my photos and mini-tour on CRXploration)










Here's me in the back garden of our house aged 2 - I love that slightly frowny face!





And here I am, aged 3, on the beach at sun-kissed Bognor! My father in particular enjoyed coming here, and we'd often visit in those days. I can still remember wearing these clothes - my t-shirt here has a sailor's insignia, which was very appropriate!




With my parents at Leopold Park, Ostend, Belgium, by the famous flower clock. This was the year I started school (don't I look smart in my St. Joseph's blazer!). This is the first holiday overseas I can really remember... before the age of 5 it's understandably a bit more hazy. I really loved Ostend and would love to go back one day - the beach there is amazing.





This is me aged 7 (with my big brother Maurice) in a St Joseph's School photo. Check out those dimples! Most pupils got their own separate photos but, as I guess we were so close in age, we'd get two for the price of one for our mugshot!




Here we have (left to right) my nan (Reva), Maurice, my younger sister Diana & myself pictured during a week's holiday in the Isle of Wight. I'm now 8 years' old! We actually stayed at a caravan park in Sandown, & we hired a car for the week to travel around the island. 

In 2006, Sam & myself revisited this very spot! We had a very enjoyable week's holiday in the Isle of Wight (my first since this photo), & it was wonderful seeing this well again, which I found was situated behind the Isle of Wight's oldest building - the Tudor House which houses the waxwork Brading Expereince. It amazed me how little had changed here - & how much I remembered from my previous visit!




Here's the 3 of us again (looking a little bit older) with some of our Christmas presents! I think I'm about 12 here. I have a new digital watch & calendar, & Maurice a Kermit the Frog & chest-expander! One of Diana's presents was the legendary 'Operation' board game. To the left you can see the cage of Timmy the budgie - he was with us from 1977 to 1991, & always had an 'open-cage policy' so he was free to spread his wings & fly around the room!



Here I am a little older still with Diana. We're sitting on top of the Bowder Stone at Buttermere, near Keswick, which we visited during a 1980s holiday in the Lake District. We all loved the Lakes and had several family holidays there through the years - mostly at a cottage we rented for the week at Threlkeld, also near Keswick.

I only recently returned to the Lake District (2004) & climbed up to the very same spot - though unfortunately it was raining that day!





And here's me all grown up at the age of 18! I'm sitting (with Maurice) on the beach at Goring-by-Sea, where we used to make an annual day-trip during the summer.







And here's I am in the days when I wanted BIG hair!

This was actually taken the day I arrived at my hotel room in sunny San Antonio, Ibiza, aged 20.





Here I am with yet another hairstyle! This is a passport photo from when I was 24. As passport photos go, I don't actually think it's too bad? I certainly used to like this black polka-dot shirt - it was a mainstay of my wardrobe for years! 




And here I am in 1995 with baby Sam - when I became a very proud father.

There are loads more pictures of Sam depicting how he's changed since in Sam thru the Years





Here I'm pictured with Sam a little bigger, aged 2. This was taken by Sam's mum Marie during our little holiday in Bigbury, Devon. We rented a caravan on a holiday park, which is where we're sitting here! During our stay we visited the lovely Burgh Island (a short distance away).  



This photo dates from June 2000, & shows me (in my Maidenhead Utd shirt!) sat in the home dressing-room at Wembley Stadium. Myself & Maurice had travelled up there for the afternoon for a full stadium tour - I was keen to go before they started demolishing it... which I think began the following year. It was very interesting walking round & going behind the scenes - we also got to walk up those famous steps to the Royal Box and touch the FA Cup! (The only time someone in a Maidenhead shirt ever will probably... he he).






Here's father & son in 2005.




Here I am with my wonderful girlfriend Miranda Oliver in January 2007, standing by the river Avon in Stratford (with the Tramway Bridge behind us). This was just prior to us attending a musical performance of 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' at the RSC, which is just a few yards away from where we're standing here. Miranda's parents had given her the tickets as a surprise Christmas present! We really enjoyed the show, which starred Judi Dench, Simon Callow & Alistair McGowan. It was also my first ever visit to the RSC!



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