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This is a page only for kids, so no adults allowed! I'm going to say about all the things I like in order!


1st: Yu-gi-oh!

I'm into trading card games (TGCs) and this has to be my favourite! I have about 800 cards and I've been to a tournament and came in the top 6 (see below). Yu-gi-oh is brilliant and I recommend it to all TCG fans!


Serious duelling in progress at the regular Friday night Yu-gi-oh club at Wexham Court Parish Hall, Slough, 2005.










2nd: Pokémon!

I think Pokémon is great which is why it comes at number 2! The best thing about them is the gameboy games. I myself own pokemon gold, Pokémon silver, Pokémon blue, Pokémon ruby, Pokémon yellow,  Pokémon sapphire, and Pokémon leaf green! It also is a TCG but not as good as Yu-gi-oh!





3rd: Beyblade


Beyblade is basically spinning tops made brilliant! There's loads to collect and it's a great game! they're collectible too!






4th: Duel-masters

Yet another TGC! The object is to knock down your opponent's shields to zero, which is harder than it sounds. To put it simply this is another great trading card game!





Here are some of my other favourite things including...



My favourite books:


The Harry Potter Series

A popular set of books by J.K.Rowling. I love them like everybody else!

The Series Of Unfortunate Events books

By Lemony Snicket, this set of books show that not all books have to have a happy ending!

The Goosebumps Books

Another non-happy ending set of horror books by R.L.Stine.


My Favourite Films:


Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (The old one!)

A classic film.

The Incredibles

The best superhero film ever to hit the big screen! (In my opinion).

Yu-gi-oh The Movie - Pyramid Of Light

An obvious choice!


A funny film. I especially liked Miss Trunchbull!

Mary Poppins

Another Classic!

Monty Python's Life of Brian

An extremely funny film!


My Favourite TV Programmes:


The Simpsons

A brilliant cartoon -and so funny too!


Another obvious choice.

Dick and Dom

I've just got one thing to say: 'BOGIES!!!'


An obvious one!


My Favourite Hobbies:


Trading card games




My Favourite Authors:


Eoin Colfer

Roald Dahl

Francesca Simon

Enid Blyton

Lemony Snicket



Jacqueline Wilson





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